Ski Mojo Silver/55 - For skiers weighing between 55Kg & 75Kg

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Product Overview

  • Ski stronger and longer by reducing pressure on your knees by 33%
  • Invisible under your ski pants.
  • Simply put on, click in & ski all day.

Suitable for skiers weighing between 55kg and 75kg (121lbs – 165lbs, 8 Stone 9lbs – 11 Stone 11lbs).

Comes Complete with everything you need.


This patented Ski Mojo product is precision engineered from the highest quality materials and is fully adjustable to ensure a great fit whatever your size.


Included: The Ski Mojo,  Simple to follow instructions booklet, Hex-Key, which is the only tool you need to fit and adjust your Ski Mojo


Congratulations you are almost there; after buying – just add snow to experience and enjoy the ski-mojo difference.


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(9 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    skimojo review

    Posted by David on 5th Mar 2024

    I first saw this last year in Meribel where an ambassador for the product told me how she was able to ski and teach every day and come off the slopes not crying in pain. I had my doubts so rented one for the day. Loved ot so much I bought one the next day. having dodgy knees this is a life saver. I was told that not great for snowboarders but I beg to differ. Has completly changed how I board as I am not so focussed on not banging my knees about. Could not recommend it highly enough although I do get the orr R2D2 comment from my mates

  • 5
    Great Product I Wish I Had Found IT Years Ago

    Posted by Reg Carter on 16th Aug 2021

    I've been skiing for over 40 years and as I've gotten older ( I've Just turned 74)like most I've had my knee issues and slowed up but now having skied the past 8 days using Ski Mojo I honestly believe I'm skiing stronger and longer than I ever have. I followed the instructions and fitted them myself and it only took minor tweaking until they were perfect. I couldn't be happier skiing is my passion and I was at a point where I thought my days were numbered but now I'm sure I've got many more season to go. I might also add my order was shipped very promptly when I ordered them for which I must thank Tim. Great product and while it costs a bit but I believe it's well worth the money if you want to extend your ski life well beyond what you thought possible. My tip. Don't hesitate go for it

  • 5
    I can ski all day!

    Posted by Lucy S on 7th Jan 2020

    The Ski Mojo makes me feel 20 years younger as I can ski all day! The system has lasted five years with relatively little maintenance, making it a sound investment and product.

  • 5
    Ski Mojo

    Posted by Nick E on 12th Aug 2019

    Love your product. Congratulations on this amazing achievement.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Samantha J on 17th Jul 2019

    f you want to ski with people half your age, with little or no pre-trip fitness training and be rushing for the last connecting lift of the day – all without leg ache, get Ski~Mojo.

  • 5
    Ski Mojo

    Posted by Lisa D on 23rd Feb 2019

    I took a few turns: no pain — marvelous! I skied lap after lap. It was so glorious to forget about my aching knees. I didn’t even stop for lunch. The next day my muscles were sore from the full day of skiing but my knees were not even swollen. So psyched, I headed off to ski again.

  • 5
    Ski Mojo Silver

    Posted by Allan (ACT) on 26th Jun 2018

    Finally got a chance to use the SkiMojo. !!! I can’t believe they would exceed my expectations by so much. I might need to adjust them a bit as I had trouble locking on yesterday. I think the upper attachment was too far around the back and I couldn’t straighten my leg enough. I just left them set which was a bit of fun on the chair, but otherwise easier. My mate wants to try a set… partly to shut me up. He’s about the same age. He has dodgy knees too. I would lend him mine, but what would I ski with. I’m astounded at how well they work. Three days of hard skiing and no knee pain (or thigh burn).

  • 4
    Ski Mojo Silver

    Posted by Frank on 21st Jun 2018

    First off, Thank you so much! I was hooked on skiing from the first day I slid down the bunny slope 6 short years ago. Unfortunately my body didn’t share my enthusiasm, and on my first big trip to Vail, Colorado, half way through the first day, I learned that my knees weren’t particularly suited to handle the stress of skiing nearly as well as the rest of my body. The way it feels is like my knees are just water and there is no support to give. Throughout the years I tried all manner of braces and supports, creams and pain relievers. I tried physical training doing lunges and wall sits and working on the stationary bike. When ever I read a claim that something could allegedly ease the stress on the knees I tried it, custom orthotics, a stance alignment, etc. None of that came any where close to what the ski~mojo was able to do for me. Finally I was able to ski the way I wanted to ski, without worrying about whether my knee would give out on me at the most inopportune time. My first trip with it on was a revelation. I skied like I was possessed! I no longer needed to stop every handful of minutes into a run to give my knees some time to recover . I no longer had to sit out after a couple of runs for a break while everyone else kept on without me. I was now the person ready to go in the morning, suggest the quick snack instead of the long lunch and itching for the last run before the ski patrol escorted us off the mountain. For that I have to thank you. I can now ski as much as I want, when ever I want, on my terms and that is a beautiful thing.

  • 5
    Ski Mojo

    Posted by John H on 14th Jun 2018

    The ski~mojo now enables me to ski better than I have ever skied with little or no strain on my legs and I feel I can go on all day until the lifts close. Without a doubt this is the best spent money I have ever laid out on a piece of ski-kit, Well done to you all.