How it Works

The Technology


The Ski~Mojo support system for skiing is a device that uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees by providing kinetic energy to assist leg extension. 

Since its launch in 2007 the Ski~Mojo has been developed and honed into the latest version. The Ski~Mojo works like an exoskeleton for the legs consisting of a lightweight comfortable harness with neoprene supports containing powerful springs.

Ski~Mojo enables the wearer to ski for longer.


Martin Hannaford, Managing Director of Ski~Mojo, said:

"The Ski~Mojo is like fuel injection for your skiing. The Ski~Mojo is loved the world over by those who want to enhance their technique, extend their ski day and reduce impact. The product is unique and its benefits are life altering."